MOOC What is Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is my new favorite approach, so today instead of me writing about it I would like to post this awesome video.

How our words affect our performance

Here are some ideas of how to improve your word choice.

Basically there are disempowering words choices and empowering words choices. Here are some examples.

  • If your say to someone “Don’t think about the color blue”, what color will they think of? You got it – blue. If you really want them to avoid thinking about the color blue say, “I want you to think about any color except blue.” In the second statement you empowered them to think of any color except blue. In the first statement people ignore ‘don’t’ and read, ‘think about the color blue’. Bob refers to it as a ‘knotty’ problem.
  • When you are in self employment and work from home will need to empower people to make choices otherwise no one will buy from you. So clarity of your articulation is important you have to get your message across in the way you intend it.
  • The words you should avoid using are; ‘not’, ‘don’t’, ‘wouldn’t’, ‘couldn’t’, ‘cannot’, ‘will not’, ’should’ and ’shouldn’t’. All these words are negatives. So people have to unscramble a negative before they want to take your advice.
  • So if you want someone to do something say want you want them to do. Instead of saying, ‘Don’t forget to take advantage of this discount’ you need to say, ‘Remember to take advantage of this discount’. See the difference? The last statement re-enforces what you want your lead to do. There brain has to unscramble the first statement before they are sure what to do.

Now here is the challenge. I am setting it to you as it has been set to me:

    Ask yourself thee or five challenging questions about how to tackle  important questions you are facing:

  • How do I know it?
  • How can I demonstrate this new understanding?
  • How will I take my new insights and demonstrate them?
  • What would be my next steps based on the new insights?
  • How could others see the changes I have made?