Permission to Dream

images-31All summer long I’ve been listening to people speak the praises of following your dreams. These people have been successful at what they do because they have embraced and pursed their dreams.

While at the Latino2 conference, I was impressed with the sponsor of the conference when he said that it is good to dream. All my life, I listened to people tell me that dreaming was a waste of time.

Yet, here was a billionaire contradicting what I have learned.

This theme was repeated two more times while I was in Vegas at the Blog World Expo exhibit hall and again while I was in Austin, Texas for the Bloggy Boot Camp. Speakers continued to impress me with the concept of indulging your dreams. As if to affirm the message I was receiving, I later read an article from the O’Magazine about allowing yourself to dream.

The cynical part of me wants to believe that following your dreams is a clever marketing ploy that has surfaced from the state of our sagging economy. The spiritual part of me tells me that the universe is shouting at me to listen to the message ~> you have permission to follow your dreams.

Okay. I am listening to the marketing campaign universe and, I am now revisiting dreams I have tucked away so many years ago. With some of them, I have started to flirt with- film production => vlogging (my YouTube productions 😉 ).

While some of my other dreams have been recently developed over the past year => writing. I know blogging takes up time but my children are in their teens and I am unemployed but, fortunately hubby earns enough for me to stay home. This gives me the time and resource to pursue blogging to help develop my writing skills for a bigger dream.

Some of my dreams are small- learning how to prepare mole from scratch. While others are big (well, for me at least)- writing a published fictional novel. 😀 The universe said I could. *shrugs shoulders*

What are some of your dreams? Will you listen too and give them a chance to come to life?

Dream Big because you have permission to do so.

Weekend Away

Planing for a weekend getaway takes more time than I have ever anticipated it would take. When our boys were younger, we would go camping or visit family out of town with the kids on tow. On average, it would take me at least two weeks to prepare for these trips. Now I find myself scrambling, as usual, to go through my check-off list.

The toughest item on my list has had me worrying about successfully executing this little excursion. Since my husband and I are going solo (jumps for joy) I have been going through our babysitting list with one “sorry but, not this weekend…” after another. Yes, my boys are well into their teens and my eldest is two months shy of turning 20 but, I still worry if they will be safe.

Oh ya! The home alone parties have crossed my mind too. Thankfully I found a relative, who despite her busy schedule, has graciously offered to help us out by including our boys into her plans. Gracias Auntie C!!

What propelled us to take that leap from traveling with the kids to a romantic getaway (Vegas style), was because of the Blog World Expo that is taking place this weekend. We needed an excuse to just getaway. Just the two of us but, but, but…. We have talked about doing something like this for many years but have never actually done it.

Last week I was congratulating a friend over lunch on her recent sponsorship to the infamous expo. This expo is IT. The one that has the blogoshpere drooling with anticipation and hopes of attending. How could I miss this? Oh ya, I’m not wealthy. The co$t for the full conference matches it’s lustrous appeal.

Passes to the expo floor is very affordable to us but, had I not won a pass from Finance Diva via IZEA, I would not be writing this post. This is our excuse to just get away without the kids. WE ARE DOING THIS!!!!